Introduction to the ILO-GBSN-UNIGE Teaching Resources

Increasing consumer awareness on human and labor rights, investment requirements on ESG performance, and a growing number of due diligence laws, require human rights expertise and new management skills. Students are demanding that business schools adapt to these developments.

The International Labor Organization, GBSN for BHR, and the University of Geneva joined forces to create teaching resources that integrate human rights in management education and equip students with the skills to navigate complex supply chains and operating environments responsibly.

The teaching resources are ready-to-use modules that include presentation slides and accompanying teaching notes, background readings, and teaching experiences from lecturers who have discussed the topic from different perspectives. They are available open source and require no prerequisites from lecturers or students. The resources can be adapted for different regions and class levels.

In the seminar, we will go through one of the teaching resources together to show how the resources are structured and how human rights connect to different management disciplines. We will address questions such as how to get started if you are new to human and labor rights, how to adapt the module to fit into your course, and practical concerns such as options to co-teach or using video-material from the experts who created the resources, as well as other questions you may have.

Date: Thursday, 25 January 2024
Time: 3 pm (CET)
Location: Online

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Charles Autheman, Consultant and Professor, HEC Paris
Berit Knaak, Research Associate, GCBHR
Alix Nasri, Forced Labor Specialist, ILO