Prof. Dorothée Baumann-Pauly selected in CBOS #ThinklistImpact

The Centre for Business, Organisations and Society (CBOS) at the University of Bath designed the #thinklist to highlight the most influential or interesting academics talking about issues of responsible business online. It was created in recognition of the value of discussions we have online, and in the hope of sharing insights with a wider community. Twice a year, a new thinklist is released. This time, it’s the #ThinklistImpact, celebrating scholars who influence practice.

Along with 19 other scholars, Prof. Dorothée Baumann-Pauly was selected to this #ThinklistImpact.

The #ThinklistImpact highlights business scholars active on social media who are changing the meaning and roles of impact in responsible business research, teaching, and practice. These scholars and organisations push the boundaries of impact in the profession by redefining and recontouring what impact can mean in scholarly careers. They also encourage us to consider that any work we do has some kind of impact, and it is our responsibility to define what impact we hope to have and how best to achieve it. Impact comes in many forms, including bringing understanding to something previously not understood, building and supporting community, creating products or services people need or want, helping solve problems, contributing part of what makes an organisation thrive, and more.

Follow Dorothée Baumann-Pauly on Twitter: @DoroBauPau.

Find the full #ThinklistImpact below:

Full #ThinklistImpact