The Case for Human Rights in Business Education - A Tool Kit

Representatives from a number of business school, both professors and administrators, have worked jointly to assemble this tool kit. It includes information and resources explaining the increasing relevance of human rights in a business school context and provides resources that can be helpful to those in other business schools who wish to become involved.

Specifically, this document provides an overview of readily available teaching resources, research outlets, and various ways of institutionalizing human rights at business schools. It includes contri- butions from representatives of schools that are already including human rights in classes, public programs, and research.

These testimonies highlight some of the key building blocks for successfully inte- grating human rights into the business curriculum. The appendix provides a list of contacts at key business schools that stand ready to offer you further advice on how to initiate a human rights program at your school.

Authors: Dorothée Baumann-Pauly, Michael Posner & Dan LeClair
Date: 24 November 2020